Raise the Torch
The Campaign for Florida State

Raise the Torch Style Guide

Thank you for your interest in Raise the Torch: The Campaign for Florida State. This document has been created to assist you in communicating about the campaign with your target audiences. Developing a brand is crucial to the success of our campaign and to organizations in general. A well-known brand benefits the consumer and the organization—it communicates the organization’s mission and values, helps distinguish the organization from competitors and helps promote recognition.

Much time and consideration was taken when developing the Raise the Torch brand.

Our steadfast approach is the true flame that fuels Raise the Torch—to honor FSU’s tradition of excellence by creating a bright future for students, alumni, faculty, the state, the nation and the world. 

In planning Raise the Torch, we worked hard to find the perfect name to embody this idea. We were inspired by the University’s iconic three-torch seal whose fires exemplify the idea put forth by William Butler Yeats—“education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” The fires that blaze from our torches bring forth the light of knowledge that shines into the world.

While we have provided the elements we anticipate you using most, we are also happy to collaborate on additional items as needed. Please contact Tom Block, campaign manager, by email at tblock@admin.fsu.edu or by phone at (850) 645-0252 for more information.





Logo Naming System

  • The logo name begins with Raise-the-Torch followed by the college or department name if applicable, then by H or V for horizontal or vertical version, respectively.
  • Next is the color palette: SG is for Siegal+Gale colors, ATH is for the new athletic and university relations colors and CC is for web use when matching to the Champion's Campaign colors.
  • Whether the logo contains a gradient (if not, either word "solid" for "solid colors" is used, or it is left off completely) is next, and finally the color space (rgb/hex, cmyk, spot) followed by the file type.


  • Raise-the-Torch-Logo-H-CC-solid-rgb-hex.eps
  • Raise-the-Torch-Logo-V-SG-gradient-cmyk.eps
  • Raise-the-Torch-Division-of-Student-Affairs-H-ATH-solid-cmyk.eps