Raise the Torch
The Campaign for Florida State

Campaign Leadership

John Thrasher, President
Florida State University

Thomas W. Jennings Jr., Ph.D.
Vice President for University Advancement and President, Florida State University Foundation

Tom Block
Campaign Manager

Florida State’s greatness began and continues because of dedicated individuals who volunteer their time and talents to support the University’s mission. Raise the Torch would not have ignited into a transformative blaze without the National Campaign Committee’s guidance and enthusiasm.  

The Committee, comprised of the University’s most generous donors and volunteers, leads our campaign with their philanthropic spirit, guides our campaign strategy and thought process, and encourages fellow Florida State alumni, friends and constituents to actively engage and support the University.


Mr. Brian Swain, Chair, FSU Real Estate Foundation (June 2019)

Dr. Ruth & Mr. Les Akers

Mrs. Yvonne T. Brown 

Dr. Ray & Ms. Stella Cottrell

Craig Lynch, Chair, FSU Alumni Association (June 2018)

Mr. Mark & Mrs. Nan Hillis 

Julie Dunn Eichenberg, Chair, FSU Foundation (June 2018)

Gary Thurston, Chair, Seminole Boosters (June 2018)

Mr. Ryan Cote, Chair, FSU Student Foundation (April 2018)

Mrs. Jean & Dr. Mike Shahnasarian

Mrs. Kathy & Mr. Bob Stahl

Mr. Russ & Mrs. Genie Morcom

Todd Adams, President, Faculty Senate (June 2019)

Guy & Delores Spearman

Join us as we Raise the Torch for Florida State.

If you have questions about Raise the Torch or would like more information, please contact Tom Block, campaign manager, at tblock@admin.fsu.edu or (850) 645-0252.