Raise the Torch
The Campaign for Florida State

Donor Recognition Overview

Thanks to private support, we will develop and provide information to better inform public discussion on some of society’s most pressing and urgent issues—from the future of energy and managing risk, to K–12 education and geriatric medicine. Private funding also better enables students and faculty to explore the creative and performing arts that will enrich the human experience for generations to come.

Many donors have generously contributed to Raise the Torch. Florida State University is indebted to these valued alumni and friends, and we embrace the following opportunities to express our gratitude.

Raise the Torch Donor Roll

Florida State University gratefully recognizes and honors individuals and organizations who help ensure a bright, strong future for the University through their support, leadership and cumulative gifts of $100,000 or more to Raise the Torch: The Campaign for Florida State.


Tell Us Why You Raise the Torch

The impact of private support can be seen across Florida State’s campus, in the local community and beyond. If you have donated or benefited from a gift, you are part of this legacy. To share why you chose to Raise the Torch or how private support has influenced your life, we invite you to tell us your story.