Raise the Torch
The Campaign for Florida State

The Big Ideas

The Influence of Bold Thinking and Big Ideas

At Florida State University, we believe in the transformative power of bold ideas that will

  • Transform the student experience;
  • Power FSU to new academic heights;
  • Encourage innovation in all endeavors; and
  • Improve the public good.

Join us as we explore these ideas and Raise the Torch for Florida State.


Inspire, Engage and Transform the Next Generation of Students

The hallmark of a truly student-centered university is student success. As a preeminent university in the state of Florida, we educate, engage and nurture exceptional students from every corner of our state and from around the world, and we provide the resources they need for success.

Together, we will Raise the Torch for students.


Image: Developing Tomorrow's Leaders

Tomorrow’s Leaders

Florida State attracts the brightest students by creating an environment that fosters an effective transition to the University and inspires them to become outstanding scholars.

Over the past eight years, Florida State students have received more than 140 nationally competitive awards, including

  • Three Rhodes Scholarships;
  • Three Truman Scholarships;
  • Seven Goldwater Scholarships;
  • 18 Hollings Scholarships;
  • Four Pickering Fellowships and
  • 60 Fulbright Grants.

We will expand and enhance the programs that develop leaders; create communities that enhance students’ intellectual, social and moral development; and help channel their creativity toward improving the future for us all.

These programs include

  • The Presidential Scholars program, which is open to high school seniors, is highly competitive, draws students from all disciplines and provides access to the best Florida State University has to offer our students.
  • The Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program, which engages students in research through one-on-one experiences with faculty members.
  • The Global Scholars Program, which allows students to spend up to 12 months volunteering and conducting research in developing countries.
  • Community-based Research Initiatives, which support research projects aimed at solving problems faced by local community organizations.

To foster student success, Florida State must support and recognize the value of faculty mentorships through programs, such as

  • Endowed Honors Professorships, which recognize outstanding faculty members who are committed to the Honors Program and its mission.
  • Outstanding Global Education Awards, which will recognize faculty members who integrate international issues into their classroom activities; establish a global advising program; and enhance collaborative global research.
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Image: Student Veterans Initiatives

Student Veterans Initiatives

Nationally, student veterans trail traditional students in retention and graduation rates. At Florida State, the opposite is true: Our student veterans outpace the general student population in these important benchmarks. This accomplishment is significant, and would not be possible without a concerted University effort supported by faculty, staff and donors.

In its efforts to become the nation’s most veteran-friendly university, Florida State will attract and retain increasing numbers of student veterans through tailored programs that not only allow for successful transitions from military to college life, but also ensure academic advancement and placement in rewarding careers.

Our current efforts to support student veterans include

  • Conducting an orientation specifically for student veterans that establishes a sense of community;
  • Staffing the Student Veterans Center with personnel who offer expert guidance to students;
  • Promoting and publicizing the University’s student-veteran support successes;
  • Receiving $500,000 in recurring funding from the Florida Legislature for student-veteran support personnel and programs; and
  • Constructing a permanent Student Veterans Center to serve as a central location for student-veteran services.
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Image: Graduate Fellows

The Graduate Student Fellows Society

The Fellows Society will promote community, enable interaction across disciplines and reward achievement among graduate students. These students will, in turn, elevate the quality of the University’s research, teaching and leadership.

Private funding could help support

  • Adelaide Wilson and Legacy Fellowships;
  • Interdisciplinary symposia and conferences; and
  • Global Perspective Graduate Fellowships.
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Image: Undergraduate Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships

Private support is critical in ensuring that talented and deserving students can realize the dream of a college education from Florida State. By providing funds for endowed scholarships, you can directly help students achieve their potential.

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Image: The Champions Campaign

Excellence in Athletics—the Champions Campaign

Florida State has some of this nation’s most talented student-athletes, who succeed on and off the field.

An important component of Raise the Torch is the Champions Campaign, which seeks $250 million to benefit all 20 Seminole sports by improving athletic facilities, providing scholarships to ease the financial burden on our talented student-athletes and supporting an athletic program that is continually striving for excellence.With your help, we can build our athletic programs and our students’ academic success by focusing on three core areas:
  • Endowed scholarships for student-athletes;
  • Facilities, such as the new Albert J. Dunlap Indoor Athletic Training Facility, Champions Hall and improvements to both Doak Campbell Stadium and the Tucker Civic Center; and
  • Annual gifts, which support an athletic program that strives for excellence on the field and in the classroom.
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Image: The Garnet and Gold Scholar Society

The Garnet and Gold Scholar Society

The Garnet and Gold Scholar Society encourages and rewards engaged undergraduate students. Garnet and Gold Scholars must participate in three of these five areas:

  • Service and civic engagement;
  • Leadership and entrepreneurial creativity;
  • International experiences;
  • Education and networking through internships; and
  • One-on-one research and creative activities with faculty.
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Power a Great University to New Academic Heights

Preeminent universities are distinguished by the quality of their faculty. Our faculty members have been recognized by prestigious awards and distinctions, including

  • Guggenheim Fellows;
  • Nobel Prizes;
  • Various National Academy memberships;
  • Fulbright awards; and
  • Many internationally acclaimed awards.

Join us as we transform the student experience and Raise the Torch for our faculty.


Image:Investing in Our Faculty

Investing in Our Faculty

By investing in our faculty and their contributions to Florida State, we shape the future for our graduates and our institution by profoundly impacting the way the University conducts research, engages in business and inspires the world. World-class faculty members serve as national and international leaders in their disciplines, and their presence on campus immediately and exponentially increases the quality of the student experience and the significance of research produced.

Efforts to ensure Florida State University remains one the nation’s most outstanding public research universities include the following opportunities to recruit and retain the very best faculty members:

  • Internationally Renowned Faculty Recruitment Fund;
  • Early Career Professorships;
  • Distinguished Career Professorships;
  • Visiting Eminent Chairs; and
  • Faculty Support Funding.
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Encourage Innovation, Creativity and Discovery

For students and faculty to be successful, we must build a community in which creativity, calculated risk-taking and innovative thinking are supported and encouraged.

Join us as we Raise the Torch for progressive thinking.


Image: Frontiers in Science and Engineering

Frontiers in Science and Engineering

By recruiting world-class scholars, strengthening interdisciplinary research programs across campus, fostering technology transfer with the private sector, and advancing facilities and infrastructure for fundamental and applied research in materials science and engineering, we can bring international recognition to Florida State and its programs, including

  • The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory;
  • The High Performance Materials Institute;
  • The Center for Advanced Power Systems; and
  • The Florida Center for Advanced Aero Propulsion.
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Image: Entrepreneurial University

Entrepreneurial University

Although virtually every profession demands a certain level of entrepreneurial thinking, very few students actually gain entrepreneurial training and experience prior to graduation. Even though entrepreneurship is being taught in almost every college of business, the opportunity for this specialized training is largely closed to other students.

Florida State will become the national leader in entrepreneurial education. Existing programs that Florida State will expand to fuel this change in entrepreneurship education include

  • A four-course entrepreneurship sequence for non-business majors;
  • The entrepreneurs/artists-in-residence program;
  • The “Chempreneurs” initiative;
  • University-wide business competitions;
  • The Jim Moran Institute Faculty Fellows program;
  • The student business incubator;
  • The Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities; and
  • The Undergraduate business plan competition.
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Image: Driving Technological Innovation

Driving Technological Innovation

The pioneering work being carried out at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory and the High-Performance Materials Institute is proof that Florida State is at the forefront of cutting-edge technological research. Providing students with hands-on opportunities to apply leading-edge computing and information technology in real-world situations will provide them with the experience they need to become technology innovators.

To provide students with these opportunities, we will

  • Establish programs that provide students from across the University with technology-enabled learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom;
  • Expand student exposure and access to innovation by working closely with local, national and global thought leaders;
  • Recognize and reward innovation by highlighting and supporting students and faculty who are exploring novel ways to apply technology; and
  • Transform community service by using technology to address the needs of non-profit organizations or by engaging with K-12 students and teachers in information technology education.
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Image: The Ringling Museum

Ringling Inspires

In 2000, the state of Florida transferred oversight of The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art to FSU. In addition to its educational mission, The Ringling has a strong community outreach program that allows it and Florida State to expand cultural offerings in southwest Florida and the world.

As attendance continues to set records and increase each year, The Ringling must position itself as a leading cultural center prepared to inspire the next generation of art patrons and museum professionals through

  • New facilities, such as the Helga Wall-Apelt Center for Asian Art and a new Center for the Modern Circus;
  • A significant reinstallation of the permanent collection in the art museum;
  • Strategic acquisitions to build the permanent collection;
  • Expanded programming to bring the best in contemporary visual and performance art to Florida; and
  • Dynamic partnerships with Florida State University to train future art educators.
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Improve the Public Good

As a public university, we have the ability—and the responsibility—to contribute to the greater good of society.

We will utilize the University’s resources, including our faculty’s experience and our students’ innovation, to explore some of the most pressing issues facing society today.

Join us as we Raise the Torch for the public good.


Image: Institute for Successful Longevity

Institute for Successful LongevityTM

FSU will leverage its strong core programs in medicine, nursing, psychology, social work, nutrition, human performance and cognition to create a world-renowned center for successful aging that focuses on every aspect of the process.

By bringing together every critical aspect to address aging holistically, Florida State has the opportunity to become a world leader in the understanding of age-associated disorders as well as functional and cognitive declines. This improved understanding will help researchers develop the best interventions to counter these declines and meet the needs of the nation’s growing elderly population.

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Image: Risk Initiative

Risk Initiative

Florida State will build on the unique expertise of its faculty—which extends from the prediction of natural hazards to insurance and policy—to increase the ability of businesses, industries and our nation to manage and respond to risk proactively.

Florida State’s broad-based Risk Initiative, unmatched by programs at other universities, will position Florida State as the world leader in the study of risk and have a profound and positive impact on business and industry.

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Image: Public Policy Institute

Public Policy Institute

The Public Policy Institute is designed to draw on the breadth of expertise of one of the nation’s premier public research universities and to provide the basic exploration required for creative solutions to seeming intractable social and economic problems.

Policy areas the institute may impact, based on our nationally recognized faculty’s expertise, include

  • Access to medical care;
  • Public safety, crime and imprisonment;
  • Effective government and intergovernmental relations;


  • Environmental protection;
  • Improving the status of vulnerable populations; and
  • Changing employment opportunities in a knowledge economy.
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