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Soaking up the sun: FSU, alumni partner to install solar panels on campus

(Left to right) Chris Diaz, the principal and executive vice president of Business Development for Seminole Financial Services and a 1988 graduate of the FSU College of Social Sciences and Public Policy, Elizabeth Swiman director of FSU Sustainable Campus, and Justin Vandenbroeck, a senior project developer at ESA Renewables and a 2014 graduate of the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering. (Photo: FSU Photography Services)

Author: Susan Hansen

Florida State University is moving forward on the path of solar sustainability — thanks to three alumni and FSU Sustainable Campus.

The alumni, Justin Vandenbroeck, Chris Diaz and Scott Minos, provided and installed 12 solar panels to their alma mater, all pro bono.

The installation was completed Friday, Aug. 18, with the panels mounted on top of the FSU Sustainability Hub at the Seminole Organic Garden. Together the 12 panels will provide enough solar energy to power a small house, helping FSU reduce financial costs and use less electricity.